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CPR Training and Certification

Be Ready to Perform this Lifesaving Measure

CPR Training and Certification

A person in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) has just minutes before they suffer irreversible damage to the heart and brain. However, emergency services usually take between 8 and 12 minutes to arrive. That’s why, when someone goes into a state of SCA, it’s critical to call 9-1-1 and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately. Once these initial steps are taken, an AED should be used as soon as possible (if indicated). In addition to purchasing an AED, many business and organization leaders call KMS Medical to schedule CPR training. Staff members who have completed CPR training may be able to save a life.

Sudden cardiac arrest is just that: sudden. Many bystanders are afraid to jump in and help, but acting fast—for example, initiating CPR right away—is crucial. An American Heart Association survey showed that only about half of Americans feel capable of performing CPR to someone in need. However, CPR can double or even triple the chance of survival for someone in SCA! Therefore, it is worthwhile to train team members so they can step up in the event of an emergency.

What is CPR?

Many Americans see CPR on TV or hear about it on the news. However, many people are unaware of how it works. In essence, CPR combines chest compressions—pressing hard and fast on the chest—with delivering air so that the brain is not deprived of oxygen. Although mouth-to-mouth CPR is often shown in the movies, hands-only CPR can be just as effective. It sounds intimidating, but CPR is, in fact, a very straightforward procedure.

Why Certify?

Why KMS Medical for AED Sales & Support
CPR Training Can Save a Life While Help is On the Way

Emergency situations are scary, and bystanders often feel unprepared or intimidated about performing lifesaving measures. This uncertainty may stem from lack of confidence, fear of legal ramifications, or fear of doing more harm than good. By having key members of your staff complete CPR training, you can reduce the anxiety that comes with performing this lifesaving measure.

Your organization may be a church, where large groups of people gather frequently. However, just because many people are on hand does not mean that someone else will know how to perform CPR. By organizing a CPR training event, you are proactively keeping your staff and visitors safe.

If your business or organization regularly hosts visitors, it’s a great idea to have an AED on site in case of an emergency. An AED comes with step-by-step instructions for its use and can be used even by untrained personnel. However, time is of the essence in SCA, so CPR should be started right away when someone is in heart failure—standing by and doing nothing is the worst thing that people can do for someone in SCA!

How Do I Get CPR Training?

When you contact us at KMS Medical, we can work with you to identify what sort of CPR training is best for your organization. We will send an experienced, informed professional to your site. After just a few hours of training, your team members will be more confident about how to handle an emergency cardiac event. 

We offer training for both large and small groups, and work around your schedule. When you train your staff members on CPR, you give them the confidence and the skills they need to save a life!