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AED Grants for Nonprofits

Why AEDs Make a Difference

AED Grants for Nonprofits

There are thousands of nonprofit organizations across the United States, and they provide all kinds of functions and services. Some of these organizations are huge national groups with substantial budgets. However, many are small community or local groups that rely on limited annual budgets to carry out their missions. Regardless of individual goals or funding status, these nonprofits are charged with serving the local community and keeping people safe. For that reason, it’s nonprofit organizations should have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site. When money is tight, many groups investigate alternative sources of funding for these devices. AED grants for nonprofits are a great place to start.

Why does your nonprofit need to have an AED on hand?

The Centers for Disease Control have described sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) as an important public health issue. Individuals who survive an episode of SCA may experience damage to the brain and nervous system, PTSD, or depression. One of the best ways to combat these serious complications is by acting fast when someone goes into an SCA. This usually involves initiating CPR and using an AED as quickly as possible to minimize damage. We urge you to learn more about why CPR training and certification is a worthwhile investment, especially if you regularly have members of the community on site at your organization.

Unfortunately, SCA is an unpredictable event. Furthermore, a wide array of causes can trigger SCA, including trauma, choking, respiratory arrest, heart disease, or electrocution. Because the potential causes are so varied, the only way to protect against it is by making sure that you have the tools on hand to combat SCA when it happens. 

From youth groups to associations for the elderly, nonprofit agencies serve a tremendously diverse subset of people. Additionally, many nonprofit organizations proudly adhere to an open-door culture. For many nonprofits, members of the community and local citizens are encouraged to drop in or attend functions on site. With so many people congregating at these locations, it’s critical that they are outfitted with the appropriate equipment to keep people safe. 

As a nonprofit organization leader, you cannot prevent an SCA episode. However, by keeping an AED on hand, you can be sure that you’re able to react as best you can if someone goes into SCA on your watch.

Where to start

Applying for grant funding can be overwhelming and the process is unfamiliar to many people. Our AED Grants page offers some good tips for preparing a basic grant proposal. We even offer links to some organizations that provide AED grants for nonprofits. Keep in mind that many grantors have firm deadlines or guidelines that may not seem attainable for you at the moment. If that’s the case, remember that appealing to your local community or more traditional fundraising methods can also be productive ways to raise money for an AED for your nonprofit. 

If you need help with a quote or figuring out which type of AED would best match your needs, we urge you to contact us to find out more!